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Collecting firewood near the Nyarugusu refugee camp in western Tanzania

Kick-starting the market for e-cooking for displaced people and host communities

New financing mechanism to address energy poverty, health, deforestation and security issues for some of the world’s most vulnerable groups

January 23rd, 2024

SOLCO event Africa Climate Week

Solar powering displaced populations

Electric cooking powered by solar PV presented at Africa Climate Week event focusing on the needs of displaced people

September 8th, 2023

A new perspective on solar power in Africa

A new special issue journal co-edited by UNEP DTU Partnership looks at the political and socio-cultural dimensions of solar power technology across the continent.

October 12th, 2018

New Publication on Market based Rural Electrification released

UNEP DTU Partnership has released a new publication ‘The emerging market for pico-scale solar PV systems in Sub-Saharan Africa’, that focuses on the emergence of market based rural electrification in this region. The traditional model of rural electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) mainly involves donor and government-supported programs. Recently, however, a rapid and significant increase has occur­red in the sale […]

November 30th, 2016