The Global ESCO Network continues to expand

The ESCO Association of South Africa joins Global the ESCO Network recently to learn from other ESCO markets across the world.

July 5, 2021

The ESCO Association of South Africa has joined the Global ESCO Network stating their wish to learn from other ESCO markets across the world and generally share experiences and knowledge.

Chair of the Global ESCO Network, Søren E. Lütken, presented the Global ESCO Network at EASAs annual meeting on July 1st declaring a common interest in exploring ESCO concepts suited for the African continent.

The Global ESCO Network gathers ESCO associations of the World as well as international institutions and ESCO experts for the promotion of ESCOs and Energy Performance Contracting in response to the global climate change challenge and the goals set out by the Paris Agreement.

With the ESCO Association of South Africa now on board the Global ESCO Network now counts 29 partner associations in Asia, Africa, the MENA region, North and South America and Europe.

Recently and as part of its mandate, the Global ESCO Network has now gathered the bulk of authoritative literature on Energy Service Companies and made it available in one place, not only for partners of the Global ESCO Network to use, but for all with an interest in ESCOs.

Visit the library here.