Transparency awards celebrating commitment at Global Transparency Forum

Nine countries were awarded for their climate transparency efforts during the first ever Global Transparency Forum

May 22, 2024

The Global Transparency Forum concluded this week with a spotlight on exemplary country efforts in climate transparency. Ten countries were awarded for their commitment and contributions within the Regional Transparency Networks of the Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency – Global Support Programme (CBIT-GSP).

These awards recognize countries that have excelled in knowledge sharing, active engagement, and active participation on climate transparency.

Award Recipients:

  1. Excellence in Knowledge Sharing:
  •    Winners: Georgia, Lebanon, Belize, Brazil, and Fiji
  •    Criteria: Most active and engaging country members within a regional network, based on contributions to experience-sharing events and requests addressed on transparency matters.
  1. Dedicative Learner:
  •    Winners: Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Togo, and Seychelles
  •    Criteria: Most diligent learners within a regional network, demonstrated by enthusiastic participation in learning opportunities, timely submission of assigned tasks, and active engagement during webinars and events.
  1. Platform Champion Award:
  •    Winner: Colombia
  •    Criteria: Most vigorous member of the Climate Transparency Platform, measured by the number of posts and comments in the Community of Practice forums and updates under “Country news, events, and opportunities.”


 Tailored climate transparency support through regional  networks

The Transparency Networks are the key support modality of the CBIT-GSP project through which support is provided to countries. The network activities include regional trainings, experience-sharing webinars, virtual workshops and direct technical support activities to countries based on their priorities and needs.

The networks are coordinated through dedicated Network Coordinators, which act as the primary focal points for the countries in their networks and facilitate the support.

They cover: Anglophone Africa, Anglophone Caribbean, Asia, Central Asia and Caucasus, Eurasia, Francophone, Lusophone Cluster, Middle East and North Africa, Pacific, Spanish speaking Latin America and the Caribbean.

Global Transparency Forum: a pivotal platform

The Global Transparency Forum, this year held for the first time in Tokyo, Japan, serves as a pivotal platform for countries to assess progress, share experiences, and build momentum for transparency.

This year’s forum was particularly significant, marking a crucial milestone as countries prepare to submit their first Biennial Transparency Reports (BTRs) by December and their next Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) by 2025.

With the upcoming BTRs and NDCs, the forum underscores the importance of transparency in raising climate ambition and fostering international collaboration.

Participants at the forum emphasized the critical role of transparency frameworks in attracting private finance, aiding national decision-making, and ensuring robust climate action. The celebration of these awards highlights the dedication and progress of countries in their transparency efforts, setting a strong foundation for future climate action.

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