Argentinian municipalities bundles new EV investments

More than 10 municipalities will jointly call for tenders for electric scooters, electric bicycles and electric cars through an innovative business model.

February 22, 2022

In March, the Trust Fund of the Argentine Network of Municipalities against Climate Change (RAMCC) will start the process of buying new electric vehicles.

The tender for the new electric vehicles is one of the many results emerging from bundling investments in energy efficiency at the local level through the RAMCC Trust. Previously, municipalities in RAMCC have been successful in procuring LED street lighting at favourable costs through the trust fund and have also started procuring solar panels.

Read more about the previous tenders through the RAMCC Trust here.

The establishment of the trust fund and bundling of energy efficiency projects are a direct outcome of the “project bundling”, approach that the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre has developed to scale up energy efficiency project implementation.

Electric cars, bikes and scooters are on the way

The RAMCC Trust is made up of more than 20 Argentinian municipalities, and of these, 12 are interested in joining the new tender.
The tender is planned to include both electric cars, bicycles and scooters.

“It will be the biggest tender we have projected at the moment,” Alejandro Cejas, coordinator of the RAMCC Trust, said to Portal Movilidad.

The number of vehicles is not yet defined, since it will depend on the quotations obtained from a market study. The aim of the study is to identify companies, models, segments and technologies available in the country, as well as costs and delivery times.