Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) Global Coordination Platform

Keeping track of transparency initiatives to address capacity building and coordination needs

The CBIT Global Coordination Platform keeps track of national CBIT projects and addresses any lack of national transparency capacities and limited coordination efforts.

The aim of this project is to address the lack of a global coordination platform for information sharing and knowledge management on the enhanced transparency framework, as defined by the article 13 of the Paris Agreement.

Many developing countries are facing similar challenges and currently there does not exist a platform or forum that can facilitate a discussion on lessons learned and best practices.

Establishing an online platform will together with global workshops ensure an efficient coordination of support initiatives both globally and domestically, allowing developing countries to share best practices and explore synergies to facilitate the development of capacities and transparency systems to track the implementation of their NDCs.

The CBIT Global Coordination Platform works through three pillars:

  1. Centralization of an easy-access to information platform through a web-based transparency coordination platform.
  2. Coordination through the platform and related events.
  3. Identification of gaps and needs for enhanced transparency systems.

By doing so, best practices and synergies will be identified benefitting the transparency activities globally.

The expected output of this project is to establish and manage a CBIT Global Coordination Platform for sharing and obtaining information, disseminate knowledge about the Paris Agreement transparency framework for more efficient CBIT country support, easy and free access to knowledge and ultimately strengthen national transparency systems responding to article 13 of the Paris Agreement.

The Global Coordination Platform brings together practitioners from countries and agencies in order to enable coordination, identify needs and gaps in national transparency systems, share lessons learned through regional and global meetings, and facilitate access to emerging practices, methodologies, and guidance on transparency of climate action.

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Focus area: Climate Transparency and Accountability, Promoting global coordination of transparency actions

Country / Region: Global

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