2019: A year of change and action

December 30, 2019

As the end of 2019 draws near, UNEP DTU Partnership would like to thank our partners in all sectors for all your efforts and collaboration in the last year.

Together we have created and supported projects and research that brings us closer to a climate-resilient world for future generations, where developing countries prosper using low carbon energy sources in the most efficient way.
Thanks for lifting this task together – we look forward to continuing our in 2020.

New Strategy

In 2019, we started implementation of the new UNEP DTU Partnership strategy and structure, while at the same time focusing intensively on our projects and research.

For the partnership and our climate experts, there are interesting tasks ahead working towards the UNEP DTU Partnership mission of:

  • Supporting country processes to integrate climate priorities in national development planning
  • Supporting developing countries in building national transparency systems to track and report on climate actions and their impacts
  • Supporting governments, cities and private sector to act on climate change through market development and innovative business models

2019 results

This year has been filled with a multitude of challenges and results.

UNEP DTU Partnership had a good 2019, where we reached our targets in helping our partners in their efforts to progress towards a climate-resilient, low carbon future.

Below you can read a little bit about our strategic efforts and selected results from the past year.

Climate Planning and Policy:
With a focus on Planning and Policy, UNEP DTU is one of the leading international partners for developing countries, providing decision support and technical assistance to their efforts on integrating their mitigation and adaptation priorities in the national development processes.

Each year, a major milestone in this work, is the coordination of the UN Environment flagship Emissions Gap Report.
In 2019 the report gained unprecedented global attention, as it documented the ever-growing need for increased climate action if we are to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Business Models and Markets:
Our focus on Business Models and Markets supports national and sub-national governments in developing countries and emerging economies to accelerate climate action implementation by improving access to knowledge, investment preparedness and innovation, increased focus on high-impact areas and private sector engagement.

2019 saw the launch of a new network for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). The Global ESCO Network is coordinated and hosted by UNEP DTU partnership.
The network aims to unleash the potential that ESCOs have to deliver some of the best returns on green investments, by using energy savings to pay for the cost of equipment and infrastructure directly responding to climate change, contributing to NDC achievement.

Climate Transparency and Accountability:
Our focus on Transparency and Accountability responds directly to Article 13 of the Paris Agreement.
we work to strengthen national institutions and create the foundation for the enhanced transparency framework to build trust and confidence fostering increased climate ambition.

In 2019 this work was expanded to respond to the need for adaptation transparency.
The new Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) Adaptation project strengthens countries’ capacity to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate effective and efficient adaptation actions in a transparent manner.

Contributing with the latest research

Along with other leading science institutions UNEP DTU Partnership in 2019 was delivering the very latest authoritative information to the UN Climate Action Summit in September.

UNEP DTU Partnership and other of the world’s leading climate science organizations joined forces to produce a new landmark report for the summit: The United in Science report.

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We would like to again thank our partners in all sectors and parts of the world for your hard work and commitment. We wish you a happy 2020!