Integrating Urban Electric Mobility Solutions in the Context of the Paris Agreement the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda


SOLUTIONSplus brings together highly committed cities, industry, research, implementing organisations and finance partners and establishes a global platform for shared, public and commercial e-mobility solutions to kick start the transition towards low-carbon urban mobility.
Focus is on promoting electric vehicles within cities.

The project encompasses city level demonstrations to test different types of innovative and integrated e-mobility solutions, complemented by a comprehensive toolbox, capacity development, and replication activities.

UNEP DTU Partnership, DTU Management, and DTU Electro are all part of the consortium for SOLUTIONSplus, working together as team DTU. The team will be mainly involved in the development of a toolbox, evaluation framework, and evaluation of impacts of the electromobility demonstration projects.

Demonstration actions will be launched in ten cities (Hanoi, Pasig, Kathmandu, Kigali, Dar es Salaam, Quito, Montevideo, Madrid, and Hamburg) as well as spin-off projects around the world.
As part of SOLUTIONSplus, tailor-made approaches for pilot projects in each city can include everything from hardware to software to capacity building and training

As one of three main research partners, UNEP DTU Partnership and DTU will be task leader on the assessment component of the overall project.
This includes conducting impact assessments in each city before (for baseline-creation and input to project design) and after the pilot projects are implemented.

UNEP DTU Partnership also contributes to the development of a tool-box that cities can use during project design, implementation and evaluation.
The tool-box will contain tools for impact assessment, business model development, financing as well as input from the industry partners of SOLUTIONSplus.

The impact assessments carried out by UNEP DTU Partnership, DTU and the other research partners in the project will be based on individual city needs and future planning. They will cover environmental, social and economic impacts from use of EVs.

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Focus area: Business Models and Markets

Country / Region: Ecuador, Germany, Nepal, Philippines, Rwanda, Spain, Tanzania, Uruguay, Vietnam

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