Capacity Development for CDM (CD4CDM) Project

Creating an enabling environment for CDM projects

The CD4CDM created an enabling business and regulatory environment that was conducive for identification, preparation, approval, financing and implementation of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in the target countries. To reach this goal, UNEP DTU Partnership and its in-country partners implemented the following broad activities:

  1. Provision of institutional strengthening and capacity development Support to the establishment & operationalization of Designated National Authorities (DNAs).
  2. Capacity development for policy makers, local experts, and other CDM-related stakeholders, including local financial intermediaries.
  3. Capacity development of the financial sector
  4. Development of a pipeline of CDM project Project Idea Notes (PINs) and Project Design Documents PDDs).
  5. Support for the participation in international CDM investment events, e.g.  Carbonexpo.

A key factor in the implementation of CD4CDM activities in the host countries was the emphasis put on practical, hands-on training of local stakeholders. For example, in the formulation of the national portfolio of CDM projects, all the PINs and PDDs in this portfolio are developed by local experts and workshop participants.
Implementation strategy is focused on the transfer of CDM knowledge and experience from UNEP DTU Partnership to local stakeholders through collaboration agreements with regional centres in the project’s respective regions. Through these agreements, the regional centres provided institutional and technical backstopping to local institutions in the host countries while also sharing knowledge among the project countries in the region through the organization of a number of regional workshops, building local capacity.

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