New round of technology needs assessments announced

17 countries are joining the Technology Needs Assessment project, prioritizing technologies for climate action and developing plans for funding and deployment

July 15, 2023

As our planet continuous to show the catastrophic impacts of the climate crisis, endangering lives, communities and entire ecosystems, countries are looking to technology to not only limit the future rise in temperatures, but also adapt to the new reality of climate change facing the globe.

But what kind of technologies best fit a country’s specific situation?

Through a new phase of the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) project, 17 countries will assess and analyze their needs, and develop plans for technology deployment for the urgently needed climate action.

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Understanding technology needs is the starting point for effective climate action, before investing in technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change impacts.
This is where the TNA project comes in. Since its inception in 2009, more than 100 countries have developed concrete plans for climate technology deployment, based on local needs and ready for financing, through the project.

Targeted support based on country needs

The TNA project is executed by UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre on behalf of UNEP and is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), which approved the new phase of the at the GEF Council meeting in Brasilia in June this year.

The new phase will be the fifth in the TNA project and targets both countries which have concluded the TNA process at an earlier stage and now need to update their assessments and priorities, as new technologies have become available, and countries which have never done a TNA before.

Participating countries will receive targeted financial and technical support to prepare their TNAs, which includes Technology Action Plans outlining concrete implementation steps for each technology, ready for funding.

Additionally, the TNA process will be further enhanced and updated throughout phase five, providing greater links to NDCs, Net Zero and Long-Term Strategies, as well as providing a more flexible approach for the participating countries with different starting points.

National climate technology plans

By focusing on country needs for technology and the prioritization and analysis of climate technologies suited for specific mitigation and adaptation needs and circumstances, the TNA project facilitates implementation of technology addressing climate change and its impacts locally.

The TNA project has one single Outcome: Nationally endorsed plans integrated into national planning processes, complementing the countries’ climate change interventions.

The 17 countries will also gain improved in-country capacity on the methodologies and process of conducting a TNA, including stakeholder engagement, multi-criteria analysis, barrier analysis, and preparation of project concepts to be funded and implemented by interested stakeholders.

Work in the 17 countries in the fifth phase of the TNA project is set to begin in mid 2024.

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